VirAntenn™ is a computer-aided design (CAD) software tool used to compute radiation and scattering from arbitrary structures. With it, you can predict the performance of antennas and the radar cross-section of targets in both military and civilian applications. VirAntenn™ was developed under contracts with the U.S. Navy and the Missile Defense Agency and was validated against measured radiation and scattering data.

VirAntenn™ is 3x faster than that of any other comparable product, reducing both time-to-market and the cost of development. Furthermore, VirAntenn™ can compute as many as 28 million unknowns on a single PC, and the system supports CAD import/export in 15 standard formats.

ITAR Restricted Product: Users must be U.S. Persons or must have ITAR license.

To request a 90-day trial version, please send an email using the Contact page.

Naval Research Laboratory
MIT Lincoln Laboratory


SBIR TOPIC #: N02-141, MDA11-039, N12-008