At Virtual EM, we relish the challenge to solve difficult problems with scientifically-sound, reliable, innovative solutions. Our solutions enable our partners and clients to make ground-breaking advancements in computational electromagnetics, embedded sensors, conformal antennas, and machine learning.

Founded in 2002 by engineers who hungered to solve the most complex problems, Virtual EM creates new technologies for the defense and civilian markets. We also have an excellent track record for creating products and licensing technologies.

Trusted. We listen to your challenges, then provide candid input on the feasibility of project aims, keeping your best interests in mind. Our customers rely on our input and trust our guidance to successfully accomplish their goals.

Flexible. As a small research and development firm, we can flex our size as needed. We can bring together academics, researchers, and commercial partners to create a team perfectly suited to tackle your challenge. Our flexibility can also help modify solutions to be more applicable for commercial markets.

Reliable. We deliver what is promised on time and on budget. You can be confident that our budgets and timelines are realistic.


Rapid, accurate, & cost-effective antenna design software.